Sample data

With the files below we would like to give you an overview of the output possibilities of our programs and provide new FBS timetable data for tracing further use cases of the programs. But maybe you will also discover one or the other memory of charming railroad routes?

If you order FBS, you will receive a large part of the below (marked with *) sample files.

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Note: If you have designed or entered interesting timetables yourself that could be exciting for our user community, we would appreciate your message.

International samples
Route Time Description Timetable category

size (kB)
Net Epoche Notes PDF FBS
Kiruna - Narvik
SJ Malmbanan
NSB Ofotbanen
Summer schedule 2012
Epoche VI
Graphic timetable of route Kiruna - Narvik valid from opening on 27.08.2012 with 8100-t-"Ore trains" (appr. every two hours) with one double locomotive each (IORE). Travel trains Lulea - Narvik and night trains Stockholm - Narvik. Arctic-Rail-Express (Container trains Oslo - Narvik) with Rc-Lok. Graphic Timetable 340  *
Customers Timetable 58  *
Customers Timetable PV+GV 82  *
Circulationplan IORE-Lok 55  *
Torneå - Boden
SJ Haparandabanan
Annual schedule 2012
Epoche VI
Graphic schedule of route Boden - Haparanda - Tornio (Old constructed route via Karungi) as well as branch Morjärv - Karlsborg with modernly constructed route Bredviken - Haparanda; Annual schedule 2012 next to opening custom trains of modernly constructed route to Haparanda. This route allows a track connection from Finland, Russia and the Baltic region to the ice- free haven Narvik as well as an EU-intern direct rail traffic Middle Europe - Finland without maritime connection. Graphic Timetable 80 N/A


NSB Flåmbahn

Summer 2000

Epoche V

Timetable of the famous Flåmbane in Norway with slope of 55%. To achieve the necessary friction load, all trains run with two electric locomotives of relatively low power. Graphic Timetable 123  *

Piraeus - Korinthos


Summer 2003

Epoche V

Example of FBS timetables in non-Latin characters. Included is the pictorial timetable of the trunk line of the Greek narrow gauge network to the Peloponnese peninsula from the Athens port of Piraeus via the Athens narrow gauge station to Corinth. After crossing the isthmus and the Corinth Canal, the trains spread out along the peninsula to Olympia, Partas, Tripolis, Kyparissa and Kalamata. Some trains branch off to Loutraki before reaching Corinth at Isthmos station. In this scheduled year, due to the glaring lack of locomotives at OSE, only one pair of trains ran with locomotives as scheduled. In the near future, the interesting narrow gauge line will be replaced by a new standard gauge line.


Graphic Timetable 110  *

Perth - Inverness

Highland main line

Summer 2003
Epoche V

The file contains the graphic timetable of Highland main line, which runs from Perth over two passes and the highest point of the standard-gauge British railroad network to the capital of the Scottish Highlands. It is an example of a partially single track, partially double track main line. Also clearly visible is the speed differential due to the gradient influence on the locomotive-hauled trains (see also examples of running diagrams), Only the portion working of the night train to and from London still had locomotive-hauled passenger service with the aged Class 37 at this time.


Graphic timetable 167  *
Driving Charts 92  *


*: FBS- data referring to the examples (*.fpl, *.ntz) can be found via FBS-Installation on your hard drive, or on your FBS-CD/USB stick (subdirectory examples).

Samples from Germany


Route Period Description type of schedule

Size (kB)
Network Epoche Notes PDF FBS
Zittau - Bertsdorf - Oybin/ -Jonsdorf

Summer 1932
Epoch II

(Period b)

Timetable of the Saxon 750 mm narrow-gauge railroad Zittau - Oybin/ -Jonsdorf, which was the only private narrow-gauge railroad in Saxony until 1906 as Zittau - Oybin - Jonsdorf Railway (ZOJE, also "train without any hurry"). The line is famous because it was double-tracked from 1913 to 1945 and had considerable excursion traffic on Sundays. There were express trains as well as pre and post trains running sometimes at 10 minute intervals. The sample files contain (a: Zittau - Oybin and b: Bertsdorf - Jonsdorf) in two picture timetables, the summer timetable of 1932, which was one of the densest of this line on Sundays. According to the time, the customer's timetable is reproduced in the older lead type.


Graphic timetable 155  *
Customer's timetable 53  *
Driver's timetable 62  *

Summer 1997
Epoch V

(Period b)

Since 1996, the lines Zittau - health resort Oybin and Bertsdorf - health resort Jonsdorf are again in private (more precisely municipal) hands. The reproduced timetable from 1997 is the first of the newly founded Sächsisch-Oberlausitzer Eisenbahngesellschaft (SOEG). Included are two graphic timetables of the two lines (a: Zittau - Kurort Oybin and b: Bertsdorf - Kurort Jonsdorf), a customer's timetable in the more modern light set (see also example 1932), two driver's timetables and the station timetable of Bertsdorf station. Graphic timetable 112 N/A
Customer's timetable 36 N/A
Driver's timetable 62 N/A

Nordhausen Nord - Wernigerode and Gernrode - Eisfelder Talmühle

Harzquerbahn and Selketalbahn

Summer 1989
Epoch IV

(Period c)

The sample data contains the complete timetable of the Harzquer-, Brocken- and Selketalbahn of the schedule period from 28.05.1989 to 26.05.1990. This timetable was the last one with the extensive freight traffic, characterized by the change of tradition: While some trains are already scheduled with "Harz-Kamelen" (e.g.. e.g. 67074), there is still the famous double traction of two steam locomotives on the N 67092. Also included are e.g. the transfers to the Ilfeld paper mill or the tourist train of the FDGB with Mallet locomotives to Benneckenstein. The graphic timetables are an example for the large format output of the whole operating time on only two sheets. The FBS-NETZ file also contains the original circulation runs of the Tfz. Graphic timetable 598  *
customer's timetable 58  *
Summer 2000 In this example file, the summer schedule of year 2000 has been mapped. Included are all HSB routes (Harzquer-, Brocken- and Selketalbahn). Graphic timetable 290  *
Engine circulation plan 90  *
Draft for 200X Epoch V This unrealized draft schedule is taken from a study on the possible synchronization of the lines in Harz region using diesel railcars to a large extent. A 1-hour interval between Nordhausen and Ilfeld, a 2-hour interval on the main line between Nordhausen and Wernigerode and to mount Brocken, as well as several overlapping 4-hour intervals in the Selketal valley can be seen. However, the advantage of the interlocking principle - regular connections at the branch stations - could only be realized to a limited extent. As identifiable, 6 steam locomotives of class 99.72, one steam locomotive of class 99.59 or 99.60 and 5 railcars would have been necessary. Graphic timetable 318  *
Driver's timetable 42  *
Customer's timetable 77  *

Plauen (Vogtland) via station. - Hof main station., Gera main station. - Mehltheuer - Hof main station., Plauen via. station. - Bad Brambach - Cheb, Plauen (Vogtland) via station. - Schönberg - Schleiz West, Gera main station. - Greiz, Weischlitz

Vogtland network

Annual schedule 200X/0X

Epoch V
  Graphic timetable 99 N/A

Customer's timetable I




timetable II

53 N/A
Engine circulation plan 58 N/A
Dresden main station. - Riesa - Leipzig main station.

Annual schedule 2000/01

Epoch V

Schedule with trains to the World Exhibition Hannover (EX, EXE), single track operation between Machern and Wurzen due to upgrading works to 200km/h Graphic timetable 314 N/A
Dresden main station.

Epoch V

Station timetable (Gbpl vertical) 467 N/A
Station timetable (Gbpl horizontal) 26 N/A
Station timetable (excerpt 8-10 Uhr) 128 N/A
Dresden Pirnaischer Platz - Dresden-Weixdorf - Königsbrück

Draft 200X

Epoch V

The Dresden-Klotzsche - Königsbrück line has already experienced two forms of operation: It was built as a Saxon narrow-gauge railroad and later converted to a standard-gauge railroad because of the heavy traffic. However, this may not have been the last change of operating form: A future integration into the Dresden tramway network and operation as an (interurban) tramway have been under discussion for a long time. The terminus of Dresden's Line 7 is located in Weixdorf just a few meters next to the (still) railroad track. The timetable shows a possible concept under extension of every second trip of line 7 to Ottendorf-Okrilla and a 1-h-cycle to Königsbrück.

This example is part of the example file "Ostsachsen Netz".

Graphic timetable 327  *

Chemnitz - Geithain - Bad Lausick - Leipzig


Draft 2006

Epoch V

The KBS 525 connects the two large Saxon cities of Leipzig and Chemnitz and represents an important link to the long-distance hub of Leipzig for the city of Chemnitz, which is disadvantaged in terms of railroads. For this reason, the line was thoroughly rehabilitated and upgraded for speeds of up to 160 km/h between 2000 and 2005.

Customer's timetable and circulation plan of a draft timetable for the route Leipzig - Chemnitz, in Leipzig with connection to long-distance traffic to and from Berlin
Graphic timetable 65 N/A
Engine circulation plan 235 N/A

Dresden - Radeberg - Kamenz, Dresden - Bischofswerda - Zittau/-Bautzen - Görlitz

Eastern Saxony network

Draft 200X

Epoch V

Since 1997, a reconstruction of the so-called Arnsdorf Curve, which would allow regional trains to run between Dresden and Kamenz without the time-consuming head-end at Arnsdorf station (near Dresden), has been under discussion. A timetable variant is shown here.

Graphic timetable Dresden-Neustadt - Kamenz via Arnsdorf Curve

Graphic timetable 216  *
Three examples of possible operating concepts in eastern Saxony, taking into account the reactivation of the Arnsdorf curve. Interval graphic I 33  *
Interval graphic II 33  *
Interval graphic III 33  *

Freital-Hainsberg - Kipsdorf



The Weißeritztalbahn is a narrow-gauge railroad in the Eastern Ore Mountains. The route runs from Freital-Hainsberg station through the beautiful Rabenauer Grund and past the Malter dam up to Dippoldiswalde. From there it continues via Schmiedeberg to the health resort of Kipsdorf. The line is routed with the typical Saxon narrow gauge of 750mm. Until the beginning of the 1990s, many industrial companies in the catchment area of the line were connected, such as a foundry in Schmiedeberg or a kitchen furniture factory in Obercarsdorf. The timetable shown in the example is from 1988/1989 and contains all trips (passenger and freight) within this timetable period.

Graphic timetable 160  *
Engine circulation plan 88  *


*: FBS- data referring to the examples (*.fpl, *.ntz) can be found via FBS-Installation on your hard drive, or on your FBS-CD/USB stick (subdirectory examples).

Model railway and other examples
Route Period Description Type of schedule

Size (kB)
Network Epoch Notes PDF FBS
fictitious model railway network around 19XX   Graphic timetable 395 N/A
Driver's timetable 58 N/A
Customer's timetable 80 N/A

fictitious railway network


around 200X In this sample network, we have summarized all the possibilities of using FBS in railroad operation that seem to make sense with fictitious locations and routes: from the rack railroad to the Pelplinberg via the connecting railroad to the "Feuer & Flamme" company to the large ITF node with ICE-T overtaking and RE portion working at Darkehmen main station. This network is used for training with FBS at various teaching facilities. Customer's timetable 837 N/A
Interval Graphic 74 N/A


*: FBS- data referring to the examples (*.fpl, *.ntz) can be found via FBS-Installation on your hard drive, or on your FBS-CD/USB stick (subdirectory examples).