FBSprivat: included features

Depending on the license edition, the following modules are available (information about the different categories can be found at our Shop):

  • Module Graphic timetable
  • Module Station timetable
  • Module Arrivals & Departures poster
  • Module Driver's timetable
  • Module Customer's timetable

Further information on our license categories can be found here.

iPLAN main window

FBSprivat also includes:

  • Installer for Windows XP/Windows 7
  • FBS Manual (EN)
  • Standard operating directory
  • Train type and number editor
  • historical engine unit data of many European manufacturers (see engine database)
  • various example data
  • language packages: German, French, English

For FBS program package, we provide a technology warranty of one year and updates to eliminate errors within the scope of the statutory warranty period (at least two years).

For the use of FBS in the context of scientific work (studies, master or diploma theses) we ask the supervising chair to contact our Dresden office.