Within the FBS program package, the integrated timetable editing software iPLAN contains several modules whose combination, uniform appearance, as well as data management and processing concept sets standards on the market.

The Graphic Timetable module allows direct editing within the picture timetable graphic. Running time lists or other precalculated templates are not required. Since changes of running time and train position are immediately visible, you can work fast easily. Variant analyses of different timetables can be carried out in a very short time: How do running times or train crossings change on single-track lines if a different railcar is used or a line extension is omitted? What investments have to be made in the infrastructure in order to reach the next hub in the clock-face time interval? The route search and travel time calculation with simultaneous conflict detection offered in the graphic timetable module is unique on the German market.

Using the station timetable module, track assignment plans, among other things, can be created quickly and easily on the basis of data from graphic timetables.

The Customer's Timetable module makes it easy to create timetable booklets and small leaflets for current events. This can be used to quickly solicit new customers and their understanding at events or during construction work. This is a must in today's local public transport.

For train crews, the Driver's Timetable module creates all necessary schedules on office-standard equipment in a cost-effective way.

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